The story behind Random Swag

Our most asked questions?

Why use a monkey for your logo? The simple answer is 2016 was the year of the monkey. The better answer is the monkey's name is Random and he has swag. 

What metals are in your jewelry? All of our jewelry is lead and nickel free. Unless stated otherwise our fashion jewelry is made from a mixture of alloys. We also have higher end jewelry made from Stainless Steel, Brass, and Sterling Silver.

How are your shirts made? Our shirts are screen printed, Direct to garment printed, or sublimation printed. We use these methods because all of these methods create a long lasting design.

How has our company grown?

Random Swag was founded in 2016 as a Snap Jewelry company with limited apparel from Kerusso. We soon grew to include more types of jewelry and fashion accessories. As the year went on we also expanded our Apparel collection to include Screen Printed T-shirts and Raglans. Our current Random Swag includes over 300 various items including home and gift offerings. We specialize in jewelry and apparel that feature positive messages. We also have a growing collection of Sterling Silver and Stainless Steel jewelry.

What lessons have we learned?

We have learned a lot since 2016 and met several great people doing Craft Fairs and festivals throughout Tennessee. By doing these events and getting feedback we are better able to stock the products you really want.

Why Start Random Swag?

"I started Random Swag because I wanted to offer better quality products"



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