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Men are involved in social interactions more or less according to their personality types. Introverts are more likely to stay at home enjoying loneliness – but they, too, sometimes have to see people for one reason or the other – while extroverts enjoy outdoor activities, parties, and different gatherings. Although it is true the way you dress reflects your social condition and personality but it’s more about the particular event that shapes your dressing. For example, it is not likely that you will go to a golf course or badminton or tennis court dressed in three-piece suits – if you go you won’t enjoy the game and most importantly you will look like a fool. In the same way, different events and different festivals demand that you dress accordingly. That will not only make you comfortable but you will enjoy maximum.

Tips on Finding Something to Wear

It is always a difficult task to decide what one should wear and what not when going on some particular event. First of all, you must be aware of the exact nature of the event – what is it all about! The second most important thing is finding the time of the event – day or night – temperature and finally season. These two things decide what exactly you should wear. For example, if you are invited somewhere and you don’t know what is it all about and you go with blue jeans and T-shirt on. On reaching there you find that all people are dressed in suits and that is the extent of embarrassment you feel there. In the same way, if you are dressed in summer clothes and the time of the season is winter, apart from trembling and feeling cold you won’t enjoy the event. Having considered these two things, now, open up your closet and try different outfits to check whether anything suitable is present, if not, consider shopping. While going on a shopping make sure to bring along any close and sincere friend who can give you some opinion about your looks. Beware of mischievous or selfish friends.

Choosing Different Outfits for Different Occasions

Your choice of outfits varies from occasion to occasion. From religious ceremony to burial ceremony and from your job interview to your date with your girlfriend, you will choose a different outfit for every occasion.

Place of Religious Worship

Although it depends entirely on which religion you follow, but almost all followers of every religion attend sacred places and ceremonies with great respect. In any case, if you are visiting some religious place you won’t go there in shorts and girls are not likely to wear skirts above the knee. In the same way, different religious ceremonies and rituals follow a strict code of what dressing should be like while attending the ritual. From Chinese worshipping Buddha to Muslims going for Hajj and Christens performing their baptism ceremony, all these events require a different, a unique kind of dress. And if you won’t wear the dress accordingly, you will feel like an alien, an outcast.

Pool Party with Friends

If one of your friends has invited you to pool party or any other sort of party that is just casual get together of friends and you go there with a suit and tie with lush polished shoes – what happens next? Laughter will be heard and then you will be the focus of jokes in the entire party. If you wear something casual like jeans or a T-shirt and go for the same party, you will be welcomed, hugged and appreciated for joining the party. Most importantly, you will feel comfortable this way and thus you will enjoy a lot. Even in casual dressing, there are a variety of products like T-shirts with different logos and stuff. You can explore all these products on Coupon Goo.


Before going to a wedding always make sure what type of people will be attending the wedding ceremony. Black is considered, most of the times, a suitable color for wedding parties but it is not a hard and fast rule. You can also choose anything suitable.

A Job Interview

Serious interviews are one of the most important things in life and these interviews decide what will you be like in future, that is to say, either you get the job or not will decide your further social conditions. Apart from this if you are goal oriented and you have made up your mind to make your own destiny, and you have achieved it all but interview which lies on the way, then these tiny things like dressing matter a lot. In most traditional companies and in most formal interviews the code almost always remains the same – that is a dress.

Business Meeting

Most of the business meetings are also important in your life because you can get a promotion if you successfully attend the meeting and participate positively. However, apart from attending and participating, dressing also matters. The dressing, in this case, must show that you are a professional person as well as trendy

Going to the Theatre, the Ballet or the Opera

Going to these places like Theatre, Ballet or Opera it can be assumed that one goes with his family, friends or his colleagues. Since these are all classical festivals, therefore, most people dress in a classical fashion like a black suit and a black classical tie, shiny lush shoes, hair combed with oil and shiny sticks in hand. Elites are most likely to be dressed in this way because they always dress according to a certain event. But that is not a constitutional law to dress in a classical way if you are going to a classical party. Jeans, T-shirt, and skirts are allowed and are perfectly well to wear. In fact, you will see most of the people wearing these.

Whatever dress or outfit you choose considering the nature of the event, try it once before going to any event. Get an opinion from a friend, wife or any other relative; it will increase your confidence and you will be able to enjoy the party at its best.

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